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BIOne Single-Use Bioreactor

The BIOne SUB exemplifies the bioprocessing industry's growing preference for single-use technologies, as it eliminates the need for assembly, cleaning, or sterilization, resulting in an efficient and hassle-free solution for bioprocessing applications. Assembled in Distek’s advanced ISO-7 cleanroom, the BIOne SUB is then gamma-sterilized, significantly reducing the risk of contamination.

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Helping Science Improve Lives

Our customers expect and deserve our support and understand that our efforts need to mesh with current initiatives for the globalization of pharmaceutical standards and meet the expectation of all regulatory and standards setting agencies, including the United States Food and Drug Administration (US FDA) and the United States Pharmocopeia (USP).

Bioreactors Discover the BIOne 250: A Budget Friendly Bioprocess Control Station for Microbial Applications


Distek is a leading manufacturer of dissolution and related laboratory testing instruments, as well as an experienced provider of qualification services for small molecule pharmaceuticals.



Distek's bioprocessing portfolio includes the BIOne single-use bioreactor, BIOne 250 bioprocess control station for microbial applications, and BIOne 1250 for both cell culture and microbial models.

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Quality...the first step towards excellence. Distek is committed to products that meet or exceed our specifications.



Distek has an excellent reputation for innovation and product reliability and we believe that these, as well as continual improvement are essential to our current and future growth.



We recognize that our customers expect, and deserve, our support in their validation and other regulatory compliance efforts for the equipment that we provide.

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