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  • Is bathless dissolution heating USP compliant?

    Yes.  The use of bathless heating is fully compliant per USP General Chapter <711> which states, the vessel is partially immersed in a suitable water bath of any convenient size or heated by a suitable device such as a heating jacket. The water bath or heating device permits holding the temperature inside the vessel at 37° ±0.5°.

  • How do I level a Model 2500 Series dissolution system correctly?

    1. First make sure the surface where the dissolution system is placed is level and stable.
    2. Locate the 3 leveling feet of the instrument and loosen the nuts on the front feet using an open wrench. Loosen the two stabilizer feet located between the three leveling feet so that they don’t touch the surface of the table or bench.
    3. Place a minimum of 6 inch digital or carpenter’s level across the front of the base plate for the side to side measurement. Using the same level, measure the level on the left and right sides for the back to front level measurements. Adjust the leveling feet accordingly.
    4. Once the instrument meets the specification for level, tighten the locking nut on each foot with a wrench. Lower the stabilizer feet so that they barely touch the table or bench.
  • What information does Distek Support require when reporting a repair?

    When reporting a repair, please provide the following information if available:

    • Instrument make & model
    • Instrument serial number
    • Firmware version if known (Especially important for electronic problems)
    • Contact person and location of instrument
    • Describe any recent repairs or troubleshooting, if known
    • Describe the exact problem (Include support images if available)