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December 6, 2023

New Opt-Diss Software 3.20 Delivers Streamlined Processes and Expanded Dissolution Capabilities

North Brunswick, NJ – Distek, Inc., a well-reputed leader in laboratory pharmaceutical instruments, is excited to announce the release of the latest software update for the Opt-Diss – In-Situ Fiber Optic UV System for Dissolution Testing: Version 3.20. This update introduces significant enhancements designed to streamline the dissolution testing process and expand the system’s capabilities.


Integrated Media Change/Addition: Analyzing tests employing changing or adding additional media during testing has been greatly simplified. Previously, for complex dosage forms like enteric-coated tablets, users had to run two separate methods and generate combined reports using third-party software. The new version automates this process. It introduces the use of pre and post-media change blanks, automatically pauses measurements for media changes, and generates a consolidated report with visual demarcation of media change instances.

Dosage Weight Correction Feature: This update allows for recording individual dosage weights, enabling the correction of % dissolved/concentration values for each dosage form. This feature is particularly beneficial for non-uniform dosage forms such as hand-pressed tablets, powder samples, and medical devices in early-stage research.

Run Automation for Complete Systems: For systems comprised of Distek baths equipped with a Dosage Auto-Dropper (DDS) option, complete run automation is now possible. Technicians can initiate the process with a simple start command. The software autonomously manages agitation and heating, dosage dropping at optimal media temperatures, and data collection, culminating in the automatic generation, storage, and optionally printing of final reports.


These updates significantly enhance the Opt-Diss functionality and user-friendliness, reinforcing its status as a vital tool in pharmaceutical and medical research and quality control laboratories. Our commitment to continuous innovation and improvement aims to meet the evolving needs of our users.

For information about the latest software update (Version 3.20) for the Opt-Diss In-Situ Fiber Optic UV System for Dissolution Testing, please contact Distek Customer Service at +1 732 422 7585, email, or click Get in Touch.


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