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PrepTube for Cannabis Testing (250 mL)
SKU: TS-05-000320
250 mL Volume / Dry Homogenizing & Grinding
Drawer Organizer
SKU: 3350-0010
Vessel, Premier (1L)
SKU: 3010-0096
1L / Serialized
Vessel, Premier (1L)
SKU: 3010-0096-CERT
1L / Serialized / Certified
Acculign Ring
SKU: 3350-0096
Vessel Cover, Flexible
SKU: 3350-0448
Small Center Hole
Vessel Cover, Flexible
SKU: 2800-0847
Large Center Hole / Includes Center Cap
SKU: 2800-0032-SN
40 Mesh / Serialized / Requires SKU: 2821-0459
Vessel Cover, Center Cap
SKU: 2800-0055
SKU: 2800-0032-SN-CERT
40 Mesh / Serialized / Certified / Requires SKU: 2821-0459
Paddle Blade
SKU: 3251-1050-SN
Stainless Steel / Serialized
Paddle Blade
SKU: 3251-1050-SN-CERT
Stainless Steel / Serialized / Certified
O-Ring, Basket Adapter
SKU: 5570-8007
Drying Swabs
SKU: 6120-0009-12
12 Per Pack
SKU: 3250-0221
For symphony 7100
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