K8 to Variopin, Adapter Cable

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6″ K8 to Variopin (VP) Adapter Cable.  Use where a K8 to Variopin connection is needed.  For example, Hamilton Single Use pH Probe to BIOne 1250 Controller.

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BIOne Single-Use Bioreactors (SUBs) from Distek, Inc. are the smart choice for forward thinking laboratories who wish to increase the utility of their benchtop bioreactor models. Precision components and meticulous in-house assembly processes result in a high-quality product line with the potential to both decrease process variability and increase the utility of your laboratory’s data. 

BIOne 1250

Distek, Inc. has revolutionized benchtop scale bioreactors with the release of our BIOne bioprocess control station for both mammalian and microbial models. The sleek appearance and intuitive touchscreen interface are only the beginning.

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