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“We do not simply design ‘me too’ products. We consider ourselves to be highly innovative, which is exemplified in our product portfolio. Our logo contains the phase ‘Creating a Stir,’ and trade show booth graphics ask, ‘What will we think of next?”’ says Jeff Brinker, the company’s president. “Distek engineers technically modern and user-friendly instruments that have provided many innovative features to our customers. We hold several patents that have allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. My father is a chemical engineer, I am a mechanical engineer and my mother manages human resources and accounting; therefore, the company is run by people with a technical background and good business acumen.”

Jeff Brinker

Jeff Brinker

President of Distek, Inc.

The BIOne 1250 System provided a refined take on traditional benchtop cell culture operation. The UI of the BIOne 1250 System was appealing and easy to use when navigating to different control parameter windows.


Julian Aragon

Graduate Student, Biopharmaceutical Processing, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI)

I just wanted to provide feedback on the process of getting the Distek units in and qualified. It was quite possibly the best experience we have had to date on purchasing, receiving, installing and qualifying the units. The communication throughout the process was excellent from Distek’s side, the speed, attention to our need of ASAP once we finally got approval to purchase was great and the two individuals that came immediately after deliver were amazing.

Thank you very much for making this process as easy as you did!



End User, Iowa

What impressed me the most about the BIOne 1250 controller was how intuitive it is to use. My students started using it right away. I also liked the ability to
remotely view data.


Douglas Bruce

Biomanufacturing Instructor, Laney College

"I started using Distek's Opt-Diss fiber optics technology more than 10 years ago in a different company and am a big fan of it. We purchased the Opt-Diss 410 a couple of years ago and have been very happy with it. The ease of use and instant data availability is a big factor for us in a development setting. There is real time data, no volume correction, no line purging and no air bubble problem. One of the biggest advantages is that you can take very frequent data points at the start of dissolution and program the sampling according to the characteristics of the formulation. Cleaning is very easy after use. The probes are surprisingly robust. I enjoyed working with all the sales managers I interacted with. The field support staff have been excellent, very dedicated and very friendly. I applaud Distek's retention of good people! It makes a huge difference in the user experience!"


Director of Formulation, Northern California

"We are a small company with tight budgets. This being said, we continue to renew our services with Distek because of the quality of the service technicians. We feel that their product knowledge and willingness to teach the nuances of the equipment is value added for us rather than seeking third party alternatives."


Stephen M.

Director, Massachusetts

"My overall experience with Distek has been excellent, from customer and technical support to the design, quality and reliability of the instruments. Our lab uses almost exclusively Distek instruments as they are preferred by the laboratory analysts due to their reliability and ease of use."


Tereza L.

Manager, New Jersey

"We have all Distek products in our lab: dissolution baths, media prep, and vessel washer. We are very pleased with the products, especially the vessel washer and its quietness. Please keep up the good work. Also, the technical services staff and sales rep are very helpful and knowledgeable. Distek is the number one choice when considering our lab's dissolution apparatus."


Anh P.

End User, Maryland

"I have used other dissolution equipment and have now found Distek to be superior. I am very pleased with the performance for the equipment. I will buy more units to replace older and other vendor equipment and it will definitely be Distek."


Robert S.

Manager and End User, Alabama

"Distek's new technology is fast efficient, energy saving, environmentally clean and meets all compliance requirements. I am very satisfied with the calibration services, IQ, OQ, and PQ during installation conducted as per company requirements."


Dilip S.

Manager, New York

"Distek equipment is easy to operate and the training provided by service representatives is very good. Distek is #1 for dissolution equipment and it provides advanced technology."


Kanta S.

Manager, New Jersey

"I highly recommend the ezfill to associates involved in dissolution. The ezfill is a wonderful, cost and time saving device. It is an easy addition to any laboratory with little training needed. It also ensures proper degassing of media - critical to dissolution and normally hard to achieve. And takes up very little space."


Jennifer D.

Purchase Influencer, Minnesota

"I have become known as the "dissolution queen" around my department; I have won back clients for my company by utilizing the autosampler with the dissolution units at their full capacity, with accurate deliverance and quality values."


Katherine C.

End User, Missouri

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Distek is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction through: Products that meet or exceed specifications; On-time delivery; Prompt, efficient and courteous service and Continual improvement of our processes and service.

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