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BIOne SUB: Strategically Accelerating Upstream Bioprocess Development through Robust Mass Transfer Characterization and a kLa Criterion

Distek recognizes the incredible challenges in the engineering of upstream bioprocesses.  In an effort to increase the utility of the BIOne Single-Use Bioreactor System for your laboratory, we have generated a robust mass transfer model of our system.  This work provides a clear roadmap for end users to strategically define operational parameters based upon a kLa criterion.   During this webinar, attendees will be presented both an overview of the modeling performed by Distek, and a successful example of accelerated upstream bioprocess development using this strategy.

Who Should Attend?

  • Bioprocess Development Scientists and Engineers
  • Bioprocess Characterization and Support Scientist and Engineers
  • Upstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Managers
  • Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Bioengineering Academic Researchers and Undergraduate or Graduate Students

Course Overview

One of the largest challenges during upstream bioprocess development is engineering of suitable operational definitions for volume-dependent process parameters.   In this webinar, learn how the BIOne Single-Use Bioreactor system was characterized with strategic DoE modeling to facilitate effective process development through the use of a kLa criterion.

Learning Objectives

Discover how foundationally engineering an upstream bioprocess within a robustly characterized single-use bioreactor system can facilitate accelerated success for your process development goals.

Course Accomplishments

07 /2020
Length 45 Min. Presentation / 15 Min. Q & A
Category Webinar
Location Distek, Inc.
Presenter: Jake McAndrew, MSc
Product Manager, Bioprocessing
1:00 PM EST
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