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Varying your Wash Parameters on the VIP 4400 Vessel Washer

With the Distek VIP 4400 Vessel Washer, users can vary the conditions executed by the 4400 in order to clean dirty dissolution vessels.

On the main keypad of the 4400, users can vary the intensity of the wash cycle, and adjust the temperature of the rinse media (should they have the optional rinse tank heater).

To cycle between the LIGHT, MEDIUM, and HEAVY wash-cycles, please press SELECT to move between the three settings.  A red-light will glow next to the cycle selected.  The amount of rinse media used for each cycle is:

Light 900
Medium 1400
Heavy 1900

The rinse tank heater can heat the media from ambient to 60C.  To adjust the temperature of media in the rinse tank:

1.       Ensure the unit is powered on.

2.       Press and hold the ON/OFF/SET button on the main keypad.

3.       The temperature display will begin blinking. Using the Up or Down Arrow Keys change the blinking display to the desired set temperature.

4.       Press and hold the ON/OFF/SET to confirm the new set temperature.

5.       Press the ON/OFF/SET button to activate the heater. The Heater LED should be illuminated illustrating that the unit is now heating.

6.       Once the set temperature is reached (the display will update as the tank heats) the unit is ready for operation.

Additionally, if greater volumes of rinse media are needed to clean the vessel, users can activate the MANUAL WASH on the remote nozzle keypad of the Universal Wash Module.  This will continuously wash the vessel until the user hits the ABORT button, the rinse tank is empty, or the waste tank becomes full.

By trying different wash cycle intensities and temperatures of rinse media, users can ensure a thorough cleaning of their dirty dissolution vessels.

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